Thursday, December 27, 2007

Technological Colonisation

Yesterday I was talking over my mobile phone while I happened to catch a glance of the Television. My roommate was watching some series on The History Channel. All I saw was a glimpse of the episode where a character was using a 19th cetury Telephone which consisted of a different earpiece connected by a wire and the mouthpiece was connected to a huge stationary box. Looking at the difference between the phone I had in my hand and the phone I saw on the screen, I said "Boy have we come a long way!" It's amazineg the way things have changed

Let's take a situation where our mobile phone gets stolen. How do we manage until we get ourselves a new mobile. The restlessness gets onto us. Doesn't it? This is because what started as a simple way of communicating has now become an integral part of our live. The phone has now become a reminder, an alarm clock, a camera, a walkman etc., to name very few applications, a technologically challenged person like me can remember. The loss of a mobile phone nowadays is less of a material loss and more of an emotional and social void. Even if our mobile battery goes down or if it stops working, it gives us a feeling of being in an ivory tower untill the problem is solved.

Coming back to technology, the changes that have taken place in the last 10 years are much higher than ever. Who thought even ten years back that we could carry a device in our pocket which could carry so much data that it could even include an entire library of movies. Definitely this change in technology is a very welcome change. But what make me rather sceptical is the pace of changes

Now moving from changes in electronics and Information Technology, we are now entering the world of biotechnological advancements. We have successfully cloned animals and possess the potential to even clone humans. This, though one of the most controversial Science topics, is for sure too welcome a change to be accepted. Cloning of cells to cure genetic diseases, Using genetics to cure diseases, Cloning humans. How far will this go on?

Earlier in Hindu mythology, a sage who was in search of the ultimate knowledge would go to a forest and meditate until he came face to face with god. But now the gods relax and so do the sages. All a person now has to do now is type

Man made and used technology to have certain luxuries and facilities at his disposal. But technology has now taken it's toll.
The most crucial question at this point of time is- Is technology all set to replace God?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The fog of illusion

The breeze and the winter chills
Came with a fog so blissful
which brought hopes and dreams
in times so beautiful
Till the vengeful sun dissipated it all

As we walkd through our fog of illusion
The look in your eyes gave my life new reasons
Your looks so gorgeous, after a fight
Shall remain with me through the seasons

And the world looked more than gorgeous
when we smiled and had fun
The world was never as beautiful later
as ambitions and obligations came in our way

Now the fog comes again
bringing hopes and dreams
We know we might not
make it through these times

The fog would soon be gone
And the sun would rise
in our separate worlds
But the memories shall still remain
As beautiful as dew drops on a rose

Friday, November 23, 2007

Indian English

In India, we are teached English since childhood but still our English is very different and very Indian. Why our english is so? Why we are making small small and different different mistake while speaking? Because when we will talk in English, first we will think in our mother tongue and then we will translate it to English. That is why we will drink cigaret and we will do "Frandship". This frandship request, we are very commonly finding in Indian Orkut users. Indian English is also dramatic because our superlative degrees is becoming superduperlatives. When we are becoming thinner or richer, we are not only becoming thinner or richer but we are also becoming more thinner or more richer.

We are having the art of making a sentence longer, more redundant and overexpressive. Since we are having the capability to write too many words in a sentence, therefore we are having the capability to make it very long. In India, we also used to do things that we are used to doing. Confusing na?? I will explain. In india when we are saying "used to" we are meaning to say things that we are doing and we are actually meaning to say we "are used to" doing that certain thing. Actually , our sentences are also filled with basicallys, actuallys, so on and so forth. We are also matlab..using Hindi/Other language words in between our English language.

you can like it or not. But here I am liking to quote a punchline which is very correct in this situation. This punchline they "Used to" show in channel V. The punchline is
V are like this only!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

audio driven indians

A few weeks back, I was sitting on a friends motorbike when we had to stop and wait at a railway crossing as a train was about to pass through that junction. While we were waiting there for the train to go and the jam to ease, we were looking around and at people all around us. A pretty lady sitting on a neighbouring bike caught our attention. My friend told me she was imported(foreign, Irani to be specific). I did not agree with him because she didn't look non-Indian. But later as the train left and the traffic started moving, I was proved wrong. The traffic started moving and with the sounds of honking and vehicles allover, the lady plugged her ears with her fingers and got highly irrate. If she were Indian, she would've been used to it as we were. And believe me, as per Indian standards, the noise was nothing close to noisy.

We Indians come across as noisy or to be a bit harsh, even audacious. It may sound harsh but it is an inevitable part of our culture. The very foundation of our culture of civilization is the "Aum" which is a collection of all the cosmic sounds. Our celebrations are also very noisy. The thrill of Diwali, the festival of lights is the noisy crackers.We like lighting the noisiest of crackers to satisfy our audacious egos. And if there is a marriage in the neighbourhood, God save the neighbours with the noisy and sleepless weeks before the marriage because the brides or grooms family is celebrating.

Our metros are amongst the noisiest cities in the world. Our days start by the noise of the garbage collectors and the blaring music of neighbours loudspeakers. Then, the streets have "vrooms" of bikes and noisy vegetable vendors and pushcarts in store for us, apart from the noises at places of worships, the temples and mosques. After a noisy day, we plan to retire to our beds just to hear the tunes of latest bollywood numbers playing from cars reversing. And then when it's finally time to sleep, the watchmen makes their presence felt by tapping their sticks and blowing their whistles. There is no way you can get away from noise in india. If you feel running away on an open road can get you any far, you won't be too glad to find out truck bumpers which read HORNS PLEASE OK!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

media- perception creators

Talking about the basic difference between reality and perceptions, one can relate to those optical illusions we get in our mails where a single image can be percieved to be two different images or a static image can be seen to be moving etc.. These images are similar to how the apparent truth goes unnoticed. Media creates these illusions or perceptions as you would like to call them.

How does the media do this? The media reflects or moulds facts according to it's convenience or should I say profitability. It sensationalises, ignores and delivers facts as per it's convenience. They say that history is written from the winner's point of view. It remains an eternal truth. These historywriters are the media. Propaganda remains one of the guiding rules of media.

There are Journalists who present news facts which would give them TRPs, PR professionals who gain goodwill by covering all the foulplay, advertisers who mislead the audience to gain profits for companies. Advertisers, I know would like to defend themselves(Being a prospective advertiser, even i would). But if that weren't the case, what explains the highest ad sales expenditure for "Fairness Creams"?

They say that the media is the mirror of the society. I don't know how true it is, but one thing is for sure. the media doesn't act as a plane mirror. And beware!!! " objects in the mirror appear to be larger (or smaller) than their actial size."

Sunday, October 7, 2007

T-Shirt quoting

1. I dddon't think I'm confused
2. Caution: Arthritis prone; gets weak in knees easily
3. Extroverted loner here
4.People for Eating Tastey Animals
5. Don't judge me based on ur ignorance
6. Don't drink and drive; U may spill ur drink or kill urself
7. Ignorance is bliss
Ignoring you is the height of bliss.
8. God broke the mould after making me
And now he regrets it
9. Stupidity is not a disorder, it's a way of life
10. When my academics ended, my education began
11. Don't rest on your laurels, keep looking for the hardies
12. Don't scare me with big words, I've got hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Use your body language to your advantage

A person's body speaks more than we often think. We generally tend to take our body language for granted. But it speaks a lot for us. It can also help us convey more than we want. When you entered a friends Apartments for the first time, you might remember the guard stopping you and asking you to record your entry in the register, which you otherwise also never intend to fill properly. Atleast i never remember writing my name on any such register. My favourite names(or shall i say pseudonames) in such situations is SalmanKhan or Vivek Oberoi. Jokes apart, moving forward and after going over to your friends place again and again, the guard starts recognizing you and you don't need to make an entry. Suddenly the guard changes and you can see that you're not stopped from entering. Does the new guard know you? Then how did he let you enter without stopping you? The answer is that after you've become a regular visitor to your friends place, going there is nothing new and the ease shows in your body language and the guard feels that you belong to the same apartments. You don't realise what your body language conveys

Another such instance would be entering a crowded bus. Do you really think the conductor recognizes and identifies each and everyone who's bought a ticket. If no, then how does he find out who's yet to buy a ticket? The answer is that he judges bodylanguage. The body language in a bus changes with time. If you don't believe me, just observe others in a bus. Observing yourself however would be an even better option. Enter a crowded bus and stand with a tired look clinging on the bar over your head, as if you've been in the bus for more than an hour and if you're stop doesn't come soon, you'll collapse. (Not advisable to try this in a bus with few passengers or at the first few stops of the busroute). You'll be surprised to see that the conductor doesn't ask you for your ticket. He really thinks that you've been in the bus for a long duration and even if he suspects you of not having bought a ticket, he would have second thoughts of confronting a frustrated man. Try this if you don't believe me. Afterall, I'm talking from experience.