Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Am I the only one?

There is a saying which goes "you are unique just like everybody". I don't know how far it is true with everybody. But i believe that it atleast holds true for me. I sometimes feel that I am the only one who believes that "I" am the center of the universe. Not that others don't mean anything. I feel that my universe comprises of just me. When I won't be here, the world would still continue to exist but if I won't be there to witness it, it's as good as the world does not exist for me. Others are not a part of this "universe", they are just influencers. It might sound selfish, but I couldn't put it in pleasant words.

Am I the only one who believes that "rat race" is the most derogatory term? I get infuriated whenever I hear the word. I'd rather be called a mediocre than being c alled a member of a rat race. It's prepostrous that on one hand we say that human life is divine, god's gift etc. and on the other hand, we make such detrimental comparisons. I wouldn't mind being reborn as a rat but I would hate it if anybody called my life a human race then.

Am I the only one who believes memories are a pointless indulgence? I would like to make it clear that i do not despise memories. I like meeting old friends and reliving the days, incidents and anecdotes from the past. But i feel it's useless to indulge in memories. To be stuck to the rewind button in life. That, according to me is a sign of stagnation and is the root for what one refers to as loneliness; I firmly believe in solitary bliss as an advantageous alternative when I don't have the luxury of a social surrounding.

Am I the only one who daydreams of being interviewed on TV for watever reason? Am I the only one who sets on solitary tours? I could go on and on... But I would just like to end with one main question.
Am i the only one who comes up with such a meaningless blog?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sleep tripping

I was sleep deprived for over 36 hours when i got onto a train from Jolarpettai junction. I was returning to Chennai from Yelagiri. I had gone there for a solitary trip amidst the mountains. So after a full day of trekking and roaming around, I was tired and craving to hit the bed

The train came one hour late and people started rushing in as it reached the platform. I had a ticket for a general compartment. It was full and crowded. Which meant I had to stand for three hours. The very thought of standing up for so long and that too in such a rush for such a long duration was a big turn off. The fatigue and deprivation of sleep added to the discomort. Eventually, one of the co-passengers sat on the floor. I was too tired to stand so i followed.

Now i'm sitting on a newspaper sheet inside the train, besides the door. I start feeling drowsy. Sleep was starting to take its toll over me. I made it a point not to give in because a mere 3 hours would not suffice. I knew I would end up with a headache, had i given in to insufficient sleep. I wanted to remain awake so that i could have all the sleep at a stretch after reaching home.

Gradually, I started to feel my eyes getting heavy. It was similar to sitting in a boring lecture. I would widen my eyes occasionally, a tried and tested method of driving away sleep, atleast temporarily. Eventually, I found myself on the border of sleep and conscience. I'm not sure if i crossed the border but i was sure i didn't for more than a few seconds; an experience i had come close to many times but this was a first time and unique.

The experience was intoxicating. I had started to dream with my eyes open. People who were talking around seemed to be talking famous dialogues. A person on my left was talking to a person on my right. There were a lot of questions and answers passing between the two. I suddenly turned to the person on my left. He was quiet and by his body language i knew he had been for a long time. This was only getting worse. I was hallucinating. It was as though i was on an intoxicant, a drug.

Now the borderline of my conscience was moving further. I knew a strong nerve impulse could only do the trick. My tired mind could not gather the strenth for now. Rather I did not want to move out of my comfort zone. I could feel myself getting irate and restless. I wish I could explain some more of my experiences more clearly. Unfortunatley I don't remember much.

The fact that baffled me the most was that when the body requires more rest, how could the mind get all the more restless. Shouldn't it be pacified? What happens when we sleep? Does bloodflow to the head reduce? A million questions come to my mind. If any of you know, please let me know. Now you may ask why i posted this on my blog? Just a strange experience. Thought I'd let you know.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tranquebar and the symphony of mystery

The waves roar louder and louder
Bringing alive many an emotion!
They join hands to create a symphony
Of melancholy, yet of rejuvenation.

When the night is at its darkest
and stars are hidden by clouds,
the waves collide with rocks
and create that enigmatic sound.

The sound can not be deciphered by mind;
It converses with the soul.
It elevates you to a higher level,
A euphoria one can not control!

Thoughts just wander aimlessly
in a pensive state of mind.
Searching for answers and reasons,
we trivial humans can never find.

I’m still waiting for the sun to come out of the sea
and give it’s first rays, still rubbing it’s eyes
To give a new dawn and shed some light
over nature’s musical instruments in disguise

Slowly the sea turns from black to dark blue
The sun is on it’s way
A shooting star falls from the sky
What more can I wish for today?

For more on tranquebar check http://travellok.blogspot.com/2008/11/tranquebar-place-of-singing-waves-and.html

Monday, September 1, 2008

Is india deprived of creativity?

I would straight away start with the answer - No. If you travel through the various parts of india and have a glance of our various artforms, there's a lot for us Indians to be proud of. For centuries, many sculptors and architects have brought life and immense beauty into rocks. We have thousands of dance forms. Many of them like the Kathakali, take over 10 years just to learn. If a danceform requires so much of time and dedication to be learnt, one can just imagine the amount of effort and creativity that has gone to make the dance forms. Our music and literature are also living examples of our creativity

If i'm so confident about our creativity, why do I even come up with such a topic. The answer lies in the shortcomings of our comercial forms of art. Remakes of Hollywood movies and "formula movies" make our heads go down in shame. "Filmi" music or "Bollywood" music are known the world over for "lifting" tunes or their "ins-pirations" as they are commonly known. I shall not leave this opportunity to name Pritam, the great music director who's been winning many awards off lately. He's smart enough to come up with tried and tested music from all around the world.

But there still is hope. We have a handful of Film makers and Music directors who come up with something new all the time. Unfortunately, they're only a handful. Apart from the handful, there are loads of creative geniuses in our country who venture into parallel cinema, classical music, literature and various other forms of art and prefer not to come into the limelight. It would be totally unfair not to mention their efforts. But at the end of the day, what goes out to the public is the commercial forms of art, even if they have nothing artistic about them.

The last decade has seen a decline in "Formula Movies" and the upcoming of slightly more mature commercial films, even though less in numbers. I would also specially like to mention "A R Rahman", 'the mozart from Madras' for doing us proud. There are a lot of international artists who have ripped off his tunes. Now that is a sigh of relief for us. Not jus the fact that our music is copied, but also the fact that ripping music is not specific only to India.

Despite all our creative efforts, we have to understand that commercial art is a reflection of us as a country. Copying Music and movies should be stopped. I'm sure that there are many struggling artists out there who can make a difference. Our entertainment industry should be ready to take more risks. It's high time we realise that the Indian public is yet to receive the deserved amount of credit for its intelligence.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Fiesta D'urine

On a rare winter morning, I waited and waited
Till my bladders were just about to blast
I ran off the train and rushed
Till I found a loo atlast!!

the sight was mesmerising
as people relished the fiesta D'urine

It was an ocean of men so merry
Relieving their stress, ready to take on the world
No faith, no belief was bigger than
The greatest pleasure known to man

the sight was mesmerising
as people relished the fiesta D'urine

Anonymous faces, unanimous pleasure
no one was deprived of that celestial leisure
Hours of misery, wait and unease
All gone in a few seconds of relief

It was a celebration, A carnival
At the restroom in VT station

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Isn't it ironic that half our lives, we're taught many things and we spend the other half unlearning most of them. When we're small, we're taught to be nice. Then we learn how useless it is to be nice. The competitive and "rat race" world we live in, preaches nastiness. We later realise, it's all about convenience.

We're taught to be content with what we have. Later life makes us realise that complacency is a crime. Being content brings frustration and disgust towards a stagnant life. Children are always taught "Early to bed, early to rise". I seriously don't know why, when it can never be implemented later in life.

"Bad Company" is another cliche which doesn't make sense to me. Because the line separating Good company and Bad Company keeps going away further as we move ahead in life, quite like a mirage. We later get to know that those who used to fit into the earlier set "Bad Company" criterion are those whom we need the most, as they are the ones who can help your work get done. No offenses to "Good Company", but why have a benevolent friend who's of no use to you. This, in other words, is the same nastiness vs. nice i mentioned earlier. Moreover, if you avoid "Bad Comapny", you would have to settle for solitary confinement.

Well, what exactly is the reason to unlearning and why is it so important? Unlearning, is actually the first step to the everpresent "change". So unlearning is a sign of adaptability and receptiveness. It, in other words, is a sign of willingness to progress. So, if you're ready to make mistakes and proactively unlearn, you would probably be the fastest learner.

I would also like to mention that by unlearning, I do not mean forgetting one's values and tradition.