Monday, October 8, 2007

media- perception creators

Talking about the basic difference between reality and perceptions, one can relate to those optical illusions we get in our mails where a single image can be percieved to be two different images or a static image can be seen to be moving etc.. These images are similar to how the apparent truth goes unnoticed. Media creates these illusions or perceptions as you would like to call them.

How does the media do this? The media reflects or moulds facts according to it's convenience or should I say profitability. It sensationalises, ignores and delivers facts as per it's convenience. They say that history is written from the winner's point of view. It remains an eternal truth. These historywriters are the media. Propaganda remains one of the guiding rules of media.

There are Journalists who present news facts which would give them TRPs, PR professionals who gain goodwill by covering all the foulplay, advertisers who mislead the audience to gain profits for companies. Advertisers, I know would like to defend themselves(Being a prospective advertiser, even i would). But if that weren't the case, what explains the highest ad sales expenditure for "Fairness Creams"?

They say that the media is the mirror of the society. I don't know how true it is, but one thing is for sure. the media doesn't act as a plane mirror. And beware!!! " objects in the mirror appear to be larger (or smaller) than their actial size."

Sunday, October 7, 2007

T-Shirt quoting

1. I dddon't think I'm confused
2. Caution: Arthritis prone; gets weak in knees easily
3. Extroverted loner here
4.People for Eating Tastey Animals
5. Don't judge me based on ur ignorance
6. Don't drink and drive; U may spill ur drink or kill urself
7. Ignorance is bliss
Ignoring you is the height of bliss.
8. God broke the mould after making me
And now he regrets it
9. Stupidity is not a disorder, it's a way of life
10. When my academics ended, my education began
11. Don't rest on your laurels, keep looking for the hardies
12. Don't scare me with big words, I've got hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia