Thursday, December 27, 2007

Technological Colonisation

Yesterday I was talking over my mobile phone while I happened to catch a glance of the Television. My roommate was watching some series on The History Channel. All I saw was a glimpse of the episode where a character was using a 19th cetury Telephone which consisted of a different earpiece connected by a wire and the mouthpiece was connected to a huge stationary box. Looking at the difference between the phone I had in my hand and the phone I saw on the screen, I said "Boy have we come a long way!" It's amazineg the way things have changed

Let's take a situation where our mobile phone gets stolen. How do we manage until we get ourselves a new mobile. The restlessness gets onto us. Doesn't it? This is because what started as a simple way of communicating has now become an integral part of our live. The phone has now become a reminder, an alarm clock, a camera, a walkman etc., to name very few applications, a technologically challenged person like me can remember. The loss of a mobile phone nowadays is less of a material loss and more of an emotional and social void. Even if our mobile battery goes down or if it stops working, it gives us a feeling of being in an ivory tower untill the problem is solved.

Coming back to technology, the changes that have taken place in the last 10 years are much higher than ever. Who thought even ten years back that we could carry a device in our pocket which could carry so much data that it could even include an entire library of movies. Definitely this change in technology is a very welcome change. But what make me rather sceptical is the pace of changes

Now moving from changes in electronics and Information Technology, we are now entering the world of biotechnological advancements. We have successfully cloned animals and possess the potential to even clone humans. This, though one of the most controversial Science topics, is for sure too welcome a change to be accepted. Cloning of cells to cure genetic diseases, Using genetics to cure diseases, Cloning humans. How far will this go on?

Earlier in Hindu mythology, a sage who was in search of the ultimate knowledge would go to a forest and meditate until he came face to face with god. But now the gods relax and so do the sages. All a person now has to do now is type

Man made and used technology to have certain luxuries and facilities at his disposal. But technology has now taken it's toll.
The most crucial question at this point of time is- Is technology all set to replace God?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The fog of illusion

The breeze and the winter chills
Came with a fog so blissful
which brought hopes and dreams
in times so beautiful
Till the vengeful sun dissipated it all

As we walkd through our fog of illusion
The look in your eyes gave my life new reasons
Your looks so gorgeous, after a fight
Shall remain with me through the seasons

And the world looked more than gorgeous
when we smiled and had fun
The world was never as beautiful later
as ambitions and obligations came in our way

Now the fog comes again
bringing hopes and dreams
We know we might not
make it through these times

The fog would soon be gone
And the sun would rise
in our separate worlds
But the memories shall still remain
As beautiful as dew drops on a rose